Games tagged with: math games

Funny Balloons A puzzle game where the player must combine math skills and reflexes to score a number of points equ...
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Space Array Math game: solve the 3x3 space array.
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Basic Math Genius Are you a math genius? Play this simple math game and be graded!
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Match 10 Match 10 is fun math game for kids.
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Cray Pots A classic maths game of chance and strategy.
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Tugmath Fraction Get the power to tug by select the biggest fraction from three fraction numbers that available.
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Number Revolution How are your Math skills? Add up numbers until you reach the indicated number.
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Clown Connect 10 Connect numbers to a total value of 10.
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Sudoku Are you a lover of mathematics? Here's a fun sudoku. Fill the blanks with the right numbers. Very ea...
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MathBlocks Math game. Each time you need to add the blocks in a specified amount within 60 seconds.
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Calculator Calculator is a math game. You have to solve the operations within 30 seconds. A good answer give y...
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Quick Count just sum every number that appear, and see how fast you can
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Mathematical Mining Moles A fun math game featuring decimal and time addition problems, smooth animations, and a 3-star rating...
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HeliumHamsters-Plato Helium Hamsters - Plato A game where you must create mathematical figures using floating hamsters.
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TipTap Tile Use the arrow keys to move around and turn all the tiles to white. Beware of the enemies.
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Bus Driver's Math Calculate whether the money paid by the passengers is enough.
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Math Lines Destroy balls by forming pairs that add up to 10. Note that you can use one ball to destroy a group...
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Math Minute - Sequences Sequences - the new installment of the highly successful Math Minute series trains your brain like n...
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Cute Substraction Math Game Drag and drop right answers on the questions. you have 30 seconds to do so. Score high and answer qu...
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Cute Multiply Math Game Math the asnwers to the questions and learn math the fun way.
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