Games tagged with: cool math games

LOL catz Check out the awsome funny cat puzzle solve it and have a laugh.
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Guess Color Guess the text color.
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Cubizz Memory Ultimate Memory and Brain trainer! Easy to play on start! Ready for all ages!
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Flowers Beautiful puzzle game with flowers. Your goal is to arrange flowers in rows or columns of three or m...
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Lost Necklace Ancient History Help find Lost Necklace in old tombs.
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slc - tower defense SLC - Tower Defense is medival strategy game. Opponents come in waves crawled from a hole get strong...
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Clown Connect 10 Connect numbers to a total value of 10.
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Dark Age - Red Legions Art of Wars!!! Battle of The Red Legions.
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Sudoku Are you a lover of mathematics? Here's a fun sudoku. Fill the blanks with the right numbers. Very ea...
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Jigsaw: Boar Piglet Cute little baby boar out playing in the grass.
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MathBlocks Math game. Each time you need to add the blocks in a specified amount within 60 seconds.
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Calculator Calculator is a math game. You have to solve the operations within 30 seconds. A good answer give y...
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All my Gods Even gods grow old. So does Saturn, one of the oldest gods of Rome. He decides to retire, and wants...
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Train Controller Control the train to pick up the items in the exact order and deliver them to the factory.
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Bugs Memory Matching Remember what type of bugs and where it is to match cute pictures of bugs. Try to do it in as little...
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Snakey This is a game where you use arrows to move and you have to collect food(blue squares), but be caref...
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Mathematical Mining Moles A fun math game featuring decimal and time addition problems, smooth animations, and a 3-star rating...
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HeliumHamsters-Plato Helium Hamsters - Plato A game where you must create mathematical figures using floating hamsters.
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New Animal World Animal world is a memory - matching game where you have to find perfect match for each animal. You w...
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Butlr Memory Match Game The millionaire needs your help! His cars have been stolen, his samurai has run amok, Natalie Portma...
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