Games tagged with: animal

Jigsaw: Boar Piglet Cute little baby boar out playing in the grass.
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Animal Memory Game The objective of the game is to find and match the exact pairs of the hidden pictures.
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Jigsaw: Cat Hiding Playing or hunting this cat i getting ready to catch something big!
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AnimalMemory Snoep Animal Memory The well-known brain teaser in a new variant. Finish the game and you can use t...
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Cat Memory! Memory game in which you have to test your short term memory. Try to pass all levels. Practice and i...
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Animal Words Animal words made for education, this games are great to exercise a kid to learn more about animal....
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Jigsaw: Polar Bear 3 In honor of puzzle number one thousand we give you a polar bear just the same as the first puzzle.
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Jigsaw: Black and White Cat Black an white cat hiding under the yellow tree.
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Farm Match Farm Match is matching game with an interesting twist. Rather than having to match up equals you no...
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Face the Challenge: Pair Match Face the challenge is a high quality memory game with best graphics and musics. It will be a great g...
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Leopard Jigsaw This is an intense stare down with a Leopard.. Can you solve this puzzle without getting scared? Thi...
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Panda Jigsaw This cute little Panda photo is turned into a jigsaw puzzle for you to solve. It has highscores on t...
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Lion Jigsaw This cool Lion is watching ohter animals, we took a photo of him and turned this photo into a cool j...
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Sumatran Tiger Jigsaw This is a beautiful picture of a Sumatran Tiger. We turned this photo into a lovely jigsaw puzzle fo...
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Dog trivia Fun facts about dogs. How much do you know? Find out and post your score on the leaderboards, can yo...
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Jigsaw: Green Reptile This reptile is out for a stroll.
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Jigsaw: Bird Light Little bird standing on top of the streetlights.
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Jigsaw: Killer Whale This wonderful mammal is close related to the dolphins.
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Jigsaw: Hippos A cute couple of hippos wanted to have their picture taken.
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Jigsaw: Lemur Cute little lemur looking for trespassers.
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