Games tagged with: addition

Unsigned Int-I This is a math puzzle game that starts easy with addition and subtraction. Later levels, which use...
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Bubble Burst Put your decimal addition skills to the test in this casual, bubble popping game. Featuring polishe...
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Number Revolution How are your Math skills? Add up numbers until you reach the indicated number.
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Rapidmath Solve as many math operations as you can before the time runs out! The countdown is only 10 seconds,...
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Super Sport Car - Addition & Subtraction You can improve your math and brain skills with this funny mathris game...
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Click And Add A Fun based Addition game..
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Melius Math Your main taks is to select squares that in sum will give you the target value. Click on square to s...
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Math Game - Addition Math game with three modes - easy, normal and hard. Practice your math skills and have fun!
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Dream Flowers - Addition Math Dream Flowers - Addition Math
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Alien Attack II - Big War Shooting alien ships may be a funny way of practising maths !
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Gem Math! Gem Math is an addictive math game where you need to reach a goal number by simple addition! If you...
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Fruit Ferit's Math Adventures I - Fruit Factory Help Fruit Ferit to reach the right basket, you just need a little math.
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Alien Attack - defence with maths Alien Attack - practise maths while defending world
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Escape Math Math Addition Game. Click the ball that has the correct answer.
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Math Balls Attack Math Balls addition attack game. Click on the correct numbers.
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Math Basketball Basketball Math Game. Order of operations. Subtraction, division, multiplication, addition maths.
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Math Defy The villagers are trying to tear down your castle. They're armed with equations. You know what to do...
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