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Thanksgiving Day Matching Game This is a memory matching game about Thanksgiving Day.
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Memory experts Memorize the numbers and click them in ascending order. Blast your memory!
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Number Decoder Guess what the numbers were drawn. Click on the buttons and change the number and then click on the...
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Math Roses - Multiplication Math funny way of practising multiplication
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Crossword Puzzle Solve the crossword puzzle!
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Memory Extended Memory Extended is a card game in which all of the cards laid face down on a surface and two cards a...
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Gemislands You have reached the treasure island. You'll have to work hard and be very skilled to be able to col...
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Harvest Time Manage the day-to-day operations of a busy farm. Remember to use fertilizer to boost your yield and...
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Dreamy Cake Memory Game Play Dreamy Cake Memory game. There are different levels of play. Play all these levels and enjoy al...
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Collapsing Blocks How many blocks can you collaps in this brainy game.
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Lost Necklace Ancient History Help find Lost Necklace in old tombs.
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Easy Kanji - Numerals (Pictorial Series, Part 2) This is part 2 of the previous game "Memorize Kanji Game series-”Pictorials” Level 4" Learn Japanese...
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Griddler Groove Griddler Groove is a logic puzzle game in a fun & groovy format! Griddlers, also known as nonograms...
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Magic Memory Flip tile to match the original. Make yourself more concentrated on something. Unlimited level. Try...
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Unusual suspects Traditional memory game with a sci-fi theme. Test your memory and observation skills with this fun m...
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real estate typoon real estate typoon click to buy, click again to sell
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Gmaz Pop all the mathematical shapes in this cool chain-explosion game.
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MathBlocks Math game. Each time you need to add the blocks in a specified amount within 60 seconds.
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Cray Pots A classic maths game of chance and strategy.
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The Art Of Interrogation You are an Interrogator. Use strategy, skill and finess to beat the crap out of the prisoner until h...
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