Other Games

Spring Letters Find the joyful spring letters
0 0   54   Education games
Classic Simon Says Test your brain in this classic memory game!
0 0   55   Memory games
Jigsaw: Rocks 2 Huge rock in the mountains.
0 0   40   Jigsaw games
Ninja Style Female ninjas are known as kunoichi. They are just as fearsome as their male counterparts, but have...
0 0   41   Skill games
Winter Typing Winter themed learning game. Play and improve your typing skills.
0 0   89   Skill games
Guest What? En: Your goal is to add the numbers shown on the screem in mind. Decide how the numbers will be show...
0 0   37   Education games
Monster Go Home Help the poor little monster get home before his mom beats him.
0 0   56   Strategy games
Jigsaw: Column Heads Funky column heads holding the ceiling away from the floor.
0 0   31   Jigsaw games
Skateboarding Hero Prepare to be transformed into a skateboarding hero, grab your deck and go hit this game. Show off a...
0 0   55   Jigsaw games
Mind Reader 2 This is an ancient Roma mysterious mind reader, it can measure the induction of your heart. Pliant,...
0 0   60   Education games
All my Gods Even gods grow old. So does Saturn, one of the oldest gods of Rome. He decides to retire, and wants...
0 0   95   Strategy games
Lanikai Beach Jigsaw A fun jigsaw series with three pictures of Lanikai Beach
0 0   50   Jigsaw games
Pyramid Holiday Kuta Beach made for everyone who trying to getting fun in this game, and on the Kuta Beach you also...
0 0   79   Jigsaw games
Ugly iguana slide puzzle Ugly iguana slide puzzle Game.
0 0   68   Jigsaw games
Think you are smart? You think you're smart - trivia game with questions and general knowledge questions. At the end of t...
0 0   58   Education games
Streets Solitaire Use all your intuition and skill to build the eight foundations using the 40 thieves and 64 more car...
0 0   50   Skill games
ObtrudeCloud Collecting all the stars! Avoiding the hedgehog! Using the direction key to control the game!
0 0   44   Strategy games
Evil Face A basic memory game
0 0   89   Cool Math Games
Memory experts Memorize the numbers and click them in ascending order. Blast your memory!
0 0   39   Memory games
Math Game - Addition Math game with three modes - easy, normal and hard. Practice your math skills and have fun!
0 0   57   Cool Math Games
Classic Memory: Flags A simple and easy concentration game which also offer the opportunity to learn countries flags.
0 0   57   Memory games
Halloween Candy Shop 2 You are running a candy shop in the city. Since it is a Halloween time you having some Halloween spe...
0 0   60   Strategy games
Circular A different kind of mouse avoider / collector game: Extend the tube and don't let the blues touch yo...
0 0   57   Skill games
Solar System Memory Solar system consists from 9 planets. You can they are you can learn in this memory game.
0 0   38   Memory games