Other Games

HeliumHamsters-Plato Helium Hamsters - Plato A game where you must create mathematical figures using floating hamsters.
0 0   277   Cool Math Games
Valentine Hearts A Loving memory game for you with the best wishes of Valentine Day. Hope you will like it.
5 0   192   Memory games
DOLi- Lisa's Day Care Cute Lisa loves taking care of children and so she opened up a Daycare Center. Here, children are ve...
1 0   217   Strategy games
Man of Steel Jigsaw Puzzle Great Image from the movie Man of Steel turn into a jigsaw puzzle. How fast can you assemble this 35...
0 0   172   Jigsaw games
Bloom Defender Distribution Grow defensive trees and cast powerful spells against elemental spirits!
8 0   249   Strategy games
Zone Control 2 Easy to play, Hard to master: ZC2 is a massively enhanced version of the highly acclaimed Zone Contr...
1 0   211   Skill games
Funny ducks slide puzzle Funny ducks slide puzzle Game.
0 0   202   Jigsaw games
Machu Picchu Jigsaw Puzzle Machu Picchu Jigsaw Puzzle. Can you solve it?
0 0   164   Jigsaw games
Integers and fractions Indicate as quickly as possible, that number is higher. And maybe they are equal?
7 0   247   Cool Math Games
Attrition It's a war of attrition! See how long you can survive!
0 0   211   Strategy games
Karimunjawa Memory Karimunjawa Memory is a matching games, where we should match 2 card with same symbol. in this game,...
0 0   123   Memory games
Unsigned Int-I This is a math puzzle game that starts easy with addition and subtraction. Later levels, which use...
0 0   234   Cool Math Games
Birdy In This game we Identify the same colored birds, if we click on eggs the birds will appeared.for eac...
0 0   189   Strategy games
Mind Freaker Improve your math skills by playing Mind Freaker and enjoy brain storming
6 0   212   Cool Math Games
Tutankhamun Jigsaw Game Recreate the picture of the Tutankhamun sarcophagus using jigsaw pieces.
0 0   171   Jigsaw games
Space Trip Solitaire Online free solitaire game with two different games inside and a hundred of levels. Move from one pl...
0 0   178   Board games
Bike Racing Math Addition This is a mathematics skill based racing game.Click on the answer to the addition problem to speed u...
0 0   460   Cool Math Games
Jelly Collapse A new Match3 puzzle is waiting for you to use your logical skills. Join at least 3 jellies and gathe...
0 0   314   Board games
Word Scramble Rearrange letters into meaningful words.
0 0   199   Education games
Ad Bellvm This is a strategy game where you need to take care of economics and building armies in the map mode...
0 0   191   Strategy games
Quick Mathematics English version of our Szybka Matematyka math game. Drag falling math operations and put them in bow...
0 0   195   Cool Math Games
Master of Security The goal of the game is to protect your software from harmful threats: adware, spyware, viruses, etc...
0 0   139   Strategy games
Battle of Mushrooms Lead your mushrooms to victory, conquer enemie's houses, cottages and skyscrapers. take control over...
0 0   254   Strategy games
Unusual suspects Traditional memory game with a sci-fi theme. Test your memory and observation skills with this fun m...
0 0   158   Memory games