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Heart Solitaire Heart Solitaire is a board game for one player.
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Dolphin Match Game A matching game for dolphin lovers! See how fast you can match the dolphin pictures. Includes fun d...
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Living Dead Tower Defense Zombie tower defense with 8 different towers, 12 maps and 600 waves in total.
0 0   205   Strategy games
Lion Jigsaw This cool Lion is watching ohter animals, we took a photo of him and turned this photo into a cool j...
0 0   261   Jigsaw games
Flowers Beautiful puzzle game with flowers. Your goal is to arrange flowers in rows or columns of three or m...
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Celebrity Exclusive Ice Cream Stand You are the owner of this ice cream stand specially made for celebrities. Movie stars, famous singer...
0 0   193   Strategy games
Retro Resources 2 Retro Resources puts you into the action as the Harvester, collecting fast-disappearing resources on...
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Magnifying Glass Jigsaw Play Magnifying Glass Jigsaw.
0 0   121   Jigsaw games
Dawn find numbers Find the numbers hidden in the picture. To complete the game you will need to collect all the number...
0 0   168   Education games
Jigsaw: Twin Tiger Lilies Funky red lilies hiding in the grass.
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Spelling Bee Improve your spelling and typing skills with this educational word game!
33 1   331   Skill games
Mahjong Mix 5 Different Mahjong Solitaire games in one.
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Type Timer A fun game, where you have to get as many points as you can by pressing the correct letters keys tha...
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Jigsaw: Baking Bread Someone is expecting lots of guest. Here there are bread for a whole army.
0 0   171   Jigsaw games
Planets Jigsaw Thank you for visiting this brand new Planets Jigsaw Game. Planets Jigsaw is very fun and interestin...
0 0   236   Jigsaw games
501 Darts Play the clasic 501 dart game! It is fun!
2 0   259   Board games
AlchemyMahjong Alchemy Mahjong is a never-ending and never-annoying journey of brain-teasing fun for puzzle-lovers...
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Mothership Defender 2 The aliens have come again! Fight them off with your new abilities and keep the mothership safe!...
0 0   247   Skill games
Sports Memory Match Game New Memory game. Click on the cards to find the pairs. click any card to unfold it and then unfold a...
0 0   154   Memory games
Kero Man Jigsaw Play Kero Man Jigsaw. Enjoy more gates at www.freegamesh.com
0 0   141   Jigsaw games
Chest Guest A Fun Colourful Matching Memory Game
0 0   183   Memory games
Pixle Break Break the pixle and collect items, there are 4 items and 4 kinds of blocks
0 0   168   Board games
Jigsaw: Kitty May I has some cuddle??
0 0   180   Jigsaw games
Simple Brain Improve your maths and visual memory with two fun games for you and the family. Simple Brain is diff...
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