Other Games

BlockX Make combinations of the same color. No more combinations? Paint a block from your inventory
0 0   201   Board games
Cubizz Memory Ultimate Memory and Brain trainer! Easy to play on start! Ready for all ages!
0 0   145   Memory games
Math Defy The villagers are trying to tear down your castle. They're armed with equations. You know what to do...
50 1   579   Cool Math Games
Tugmath Fraction Get the power to tug by select the biggest fraction from three fraction numbers that available.
0 0   176   Cool Math Games
Air shooting If you love air shooting then you must play this game and complete your mission in this shooting war...
0 0   204   Skill games
Capitals of the world Take this rapid fire, one minute quiz and find out how well you know different countries and their c...
0 0   141   Education games
Tzolkin The Mayan's hidden secret is revealed. It can't be stopped. It can't be ignored. It must be faced. T...
0 0   176   Skill games
Brain Shapes Brain Shapes is a math game where users have to distribute a number series in some slots on differe...
0 0   459   Cool Math Games
Social - Memory Game Social - MemoryGame, is a memory game. The aim is to achieve the best possible score for that, we ha...
0 0   155   Memory games
Dodge The Squarez How fast can you dodge when shooting past these speedy squares.
0 0   165   Strategy games
Jigsaw: Autumn Lake Pretty colors by the lake. The yellow trees tells of a story repeating itself every year.
0 0   106   Jigsaw games
Ninjas vs Pirates TD 3 A fun Tower Defense game where you defend against pirates with Ninjas
6 0   199   Strategy games
Strategy Defense Final War Defend the city from the enemy's onslaught!
0 0   101   Strategy games
Shooter Whacker Shoot and survive as long as you can with the help of powerups and skills!
0 0   249   Skill games
Panthers on the river puzzle Panthers on the river puzzle Game.
0 0   312   Jigsaw games
Bloq3 Connect-3 + physics + puzzles. Each level has different objective, but you must guess it.
0 0   143   Education games
Sea Force Sea strategy with opportunity of unique development for each unit. You can upgrade group of ships as...
0 0   171   Strategy games
Yukon Solitaire A fun Yukon type of solitaire game.
0 0   116   Board games
Scary Swap Halloween themed match three game.
0 0   213   Board games
Math Balls Attack Math Balls addition attack game. Click on the correct numbers.
2 9   444   Cool Math Games
Jigsaw: One Two Three Four Start the count down for as long there are numbers left.
0 0   139   Jigsaw games
Protector Deep strategy and involving depth, deceptively simple to play, yet so many avenues and strategies to...
0 0   94   Strategy games
Memorylance Easy game for training of memory. Remember the cells containing the circles within. Compete with oth...
0 0   129   Memory games
Snowboarding Star An espectacular game, that will test your skills as a pro snowboarder. Complete the game and win the...
8 0   727   Skill games