Other Games

Calculator Calculator is a math game. You have to solve the operations within 30 seconds. A good answer give y...
0 0   245   Cool Math Games
Capstone Capstone is a unique, atmospheric puzzle game that incorporates both Solitaire-esque gameplay with T...
0 0   200   Board games
AnimalMemory Snoep Animal Memory The well-known brain teaser in a new variant. Finish the game and you can use t...
0 0   199   Memory games
Lollipop Craze Use your Mouse and physics skills to help our cute boy reach his lollipop. Avoid fire and deadly sha...
0 0   368   Skill games
Parg Ever wanted to play Pong by yourself? Now you can! Pong it out to see who is the Parg Master
0 0   299   Board games
TipTap Tile Use the arrow keys to move around and turn all the tiles to white. Beware of the enemies.
0 0   304   Strategy games
Jigsaw: Twin Tiger Lilies Funky red lilies hiding in the grass.
0 0   210   Jigsaw games
Side Effect 2 Place colored pieces into the game field to connect center and the colored sides in this new and com...
0 0   244   Board games
Memory Game the equal cards to win, each round it will become more and more hard.
0 0   184   Memory games
Scatters Ever wanted to compete against your friend in Memory? or Scat? Now you can. More cards games are und...
0 0   242   Memory games
PowerNumber 60s edition Simple rules but rich gameplay. It's a puzzle game about space management, probabilities, sacrifice,...
0 0   154   Skill games
Multiplayer Doodle Memory Compete to memorise related items
0 0   183   Memory games
XRay Math Geometry Shapes XRay Math Geometry Shapes is a educational game. Click on a square to the left of the X-ray bar and...
0 0   455   Cool Math Games
Machu Picchu Jigsaw Puzzle Machu Picchu Jigsaw Puzzle. Can you solve it?
0 0   178   Jigsaw games
Makeup Kit Memory Game Makeup Kit Memory Game. There are eight different levels of play. Play all these levels and enjo...
0 0   187   Memory games
ORGANIZE THE TREES (ORGANIZA LOS ARBOLES) This application is typical for preeschool. On this application the child should organizer trees in...
0 0   159   Education games
Light the candles Christmas is here and the tree needs to be decorated with burning candles. But do not burn yourself...
0 0   178   Strategy games
Memory game Remeber and repeat sequence of symbols and its color.
0 0   170   Memory games
Monsters University - Mike Jigsaw Great images of Mike from the Movie Monsters University turn into a jigsaw puzzle.
0 0   195   Jigsaw games
Cute Rabbit in Stationery rabbit skill jump adventure
0 0   319   Skill games
Words Worth The aim of the game is to use the grid of 36 letters to make as many words you can within the given...
2 0   258   Board games
Farm Match Farm Match is matching game with an interesting twist. Rather than having to match up equals you no...
0 0   222   Memory games
Mind Freaker 2 Mind Freaker 2 improved - Improve your math skills by playing Mind Freaker 2and enjoy brain storming
0 0   666   Cool Math Games
Mahjong Matching 2 This is a memory matching game about Mahjong.
0 0   163   Memory games